Eyeglass Fitting

Choosing the right kind of eyeglasses can sometimes be challenging. In some cases, the choices are too many or one may prefer a certain style over the other and the size or colour is not available and so on. However, there are certain factors that need to be considered when choosing frames and lenses for one’s prescription. These are as follows:

  • The size of the frame front must not be too big or small. This should be proportionate with the face, temple width and head width respectively. Sometimes we think that the eyes should sit right in the middle of the lens which is not true because the lenses can be decentred to suit the pupil centres.
  • For higher prescriptions, a smaller frame should be chosen to reduce the thickness of the lenses at the edges.
  • For multifocal wearers, it is important to have some kind of depth to the frame front as there should be enough room to have the variable powers accommodated within the lenses.
  • Frame selection also depends on the vocation and/or the personality of the person. Eyeglasses have now become like an accessory to our daily wear and it is only fair that the right kind of frame is selected to suit the purpose and the individual.
  • The frame colour is also a factor that could arguably be an important decision maker for some. This is so subjective that each individual has a preference over another but usually a consensus helps in the final decision making.
  • In most cases, the frames can be adjusted to fit the head and this is usually done on pick up when the eyeglasses are ready and fitted with the lenses.
  • Routine adjustments and service is always helpful for long term care.

Book an appointment or contact us today and and we would be happy to set up an eyeglass fitting for you.

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