Ophthalmic Lenses

A good glasses frame deserves good prescription lenses for maximum clarity. In most cases, the material used today is plastic and this also comes in different forms of strength and properties. The quality of an ophthalmic lens is measured by its quality of vision and its distortion level.

Like other optical products, spectacle lenses have come a long way from having edges like a COKE bottle to nice thin polished ones today. This is possible due to High Index materials in the market that make it possible for the edges to become thin for high minus prescriptions. The index vary with the different prescriptions and effectively changes the costs but our staff can help in making the choices to keep the costs to a minimum and get the maximum benefit out of it.

Due to the fact that we have a lot of rimless frames and semi-rimless frames in the market today, there is an increased need to have a stronger lens that would not chip or break easily when mounted onto the frame. This gave rise to different materials like Polycarbonate, Phoenix or Trivex whose strength gives a long life to the prescription lenses. These materials are readily available and in the case of children, it is highly recommended to use the polycarbonate material for safety purposes. We offer breakage warranty on these materials if used as an option.

Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses are multifocals or No-Line Bifocals which are increasingly getting popular. Some of the benefits to having a progressive pair of glasses are:

    • The progression from Distance to reading creates an Intermediate area for computer distance to be clear.
    • There is less “jump” between the distance and reading areas which makes it more comfortable for the wearer.
    • Cosmetically, it looks better as one does not see any line dividing the different zones on the lens.

One of the most common problems that new progressive lenses wearers faced was the peripheral distortion which created discomfort in the beginning. Although, to some, this was more of an adaptive symptom, there has been an improvement in the designs of the progressives to reduce this distortion. The new designs have now been manufactured in digital technology which has become so easy for new progressive wearers to adapt. digital progressives are very new in the market and come in various forms and costs. Again, at Crystalline Eyewear in Richmond Hill, we can offer advice on which progressive lens would be best suited to one’s needs and comfort with a competitive price.

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