Are you a parent on the hunt for the right pair of glasses for your little one? Vetting all those options at an optical store can be quite daunting and not to mention confusing!

At the end of the day, kids will be kids and you don’t want to spend so much money only to find their glasses broken in two on the ride home.

Now parents, here’s a tip – depending on whether your child is near-sighted or farsighted, the optometrist will either prescribe glasses for part-time or full-time wear.

Keeping this lovely fact in mind you can make sound decisions about the type of frame to choose.

Here are some friendly tried and tested tips to make the experience a little more enjoyable! Remember parents, knowledge is power!

Tip #1: Lens Thickness

If your child’s prescription is high, chances are the lens will be quite thick. In this scenario its best to avoid large frames and make sure to ask your optician for High Index lenses to make them thinner.

Tip #2: Fashion?

Unfortunately, kids get teased about wearing glasses at school, so be sure to choose a frame that makes them feel and look ‘cool’. Of course that doesn’t mean you must go for the expensive or inappropriate frame, the idea is to allow them to feel fashionable on a budget.

Tip #3: Plastic or Metal Frames

There is no particular reason why one is better than the other. Plastic frames are more fashionable and easy to maintain sometimes but it also depends on the prescription and fit for the child. You may want to seek advice of the professional assisting you.

Tip #4: Perfect Bridge Fit

Because our little ones noses are not fully developed, plastic frames can often slide off the bridge of their noses. Metal frame options have the rubber nose pads to prevent such a thing from happening! Remember, it is important for the glasses to stay in place! However, there are some plastic frames which have special bridges designed to overcome this problem.

Tip #5: Temple Style

Temples that wrap all the way round the back of the ears help keep your child’s glasses from sliding down. These are especially helpful for toddlers and babies who need glasses!

Tip #6: Backup Pair

Lets face it, children are not super conscientious about their eyewear! Ask your optician about special deals for a second pair of eyeglasses. Be sure to keep the second pair safe and sound in case of an emergency!

Tip # 7: Sports Eyewear

If your child is fairly active in sports and needs good vision for distance, it is highly recommended to get him/her a dedicated sports goggle in prescription for safety reasons. The regular eyeglasses are not designed for sports and can be dangerous for the child. There are sports goggles that are certified for that purpose and make sure to ask your eye care professional to provide the ones that are CSA certified.

Tip #8: Sunglasses for Kids

Early UV protection for kids is highly recommended as it has lots of clinical benefits for the child. Usually parents don’t take sunglasses seriously for their kids thinking it is a fashion thing rather than function. But actually, having sunglasses for kids (or transitions lenses) helps one’s eyes in the prevention of early cataracts and other eye problems.

At Crystalline, we take care of your lil’ one’s needs!

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