Contact Lens Fitting

To wear contact lenses is very convenient, easy and at the same time good for people who do not prefer to wear eyeglasses. However, it is very important to have good compliance and regular check-ups for all who wear them.

Firstly, when one decides to wear contact lenses, a fitting must be done to determine if the lenses will work for the patient or not. For a good fit, we need to do the following:

  • Measure the corneal curvatures to determine the right fit of the lens onto the cornea.
  • Formulate a contact lens prescription from the most current eyeglass prescription.
  • Check the general health of the eye to ensure safety of wearing contact lenses.
  • Check the level of moisture in the eye to avoid extreme dryness during contact lens wear.
  • Use a trial lens and perform a contact lens teaching session whereby the fitter would show how the insertion and removal of the lens is done safely and most effectively. This part is done on appointment only.
  • After a successful teaching session, the patient is briefed on the maintenance of the lens using the suggested solution. A starter kit is provided to take home with the lenses.
  • The patient is given a schedule of the wear for the lenses for about ten days after which a follow-up appointment is required.
  • The follow-up is required to check for OPTIMAL VISION, HEALTH AND COMFORT for the patient.

All the above is done for a nominal fee which can be used as a discount towards ordering a one years supply of contact lenses.

Compliance issues are very common nowadays as our fast-paced lives sometimes force us to wear lenses without realizing the safety aspect of it. Here are some points to remember:

  • Always wash your hands when handling contact lenses
  • Never swim or sleep with your contact lenses on your eyes. Although with the new silicone lenses in the market, they are approved for overnight sleep too, but it is highly recommended not to do it for safety reasons.
  • Always try to give your eyes a break from contacts once or twice a week.
  • Please ensure not to over wear your contact lenses as they can damage the eyes in the long run.
  • Always use the right solutions for cleaning and storage purposes. Do not try to use the same solutions for more than one night.
  • Routine contact lens check-ups are always advised.
  • Consider opting for Daily contact lens wear in the future.

Book an appointment or contact us today and we would be happy to set up a contact lens fitting for you.

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