Sports Glasses

Also known as Sports Goggles

Sports Eyewear is becoming more and more integral part of our lifestyles. As more people become aware of the importance of being active in sports, the availability of products to suit the active lifestyles is growing too. There are different products available for different purposes and can be done in prescription too. Among the many options out there, we would like to mention a few below:


Types: 2 Types available – One with the temples and the other without temples (straps only). The ones with the straps only are ideal for individuals who play Hockey AS IT FITS BETTER UNDER THE HELMET. In most cases, the ones without the straps are preferred. Samples of both the above are available for viewing at the store.

Brands: Oakleys, Rudy Project, Recspecs and Centrostyle.

Colors: Various colors available depending upon the make and brand.


Types: 2 Types available in prescription – Rx Direct & Rx Insert.

Rx Direct – This feature means that the prescription is actually done on the lenses of the sport goggles within the frame. It works very well for prescriptions that are not very high as the distortion level is tolerable.

Brands: Rudy Project, Oakleys, Serengeti, MauiJim

Colors: Good options of colors available

Rx Insert – This is ideal for high prescriptions and variable sporting needs. Here, the prescription is done on an insert rather than the actual lens of the frame. The advantage of doing this, is that, the distortion is much less and one can have various interchange-able lenses as options for various activities within the same framework.

Brands: Rudy Project

Colors: Lots of colors for both frames and lenses available and a wide variety of materials can be ordered. Customization is possible to suit one’s own needs and requirements.


These are available in prescription in standard -0.50 steps only. They are reasonably priced at $79 a pair including the prescription.

Available in Adult and Kids sizes and 2 colors – Black and Blue


The following are available:

• Helmets
• Sport chords
• Cleaning Kits
• Cases
• Sun visor Clips for Sunglasses

Book an appointment or contact us today and we can help you find the right sports eyewear to suit your needs.

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